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In collaboration with Owners and Architects, O’Neal Construction hopes to make every project as green as possible.

Having been in the construction industry for over 50 years, O’Neal Construction has completed many projects for Owners with a green approach. We are fast gaining experience in the use of Green materials and in LEED procedures and certifications. We are committed to conserving natural resources, improving air quality indoors and out, enabling better health conditions on the worksite, and lowering energy bills with insulation upgrades. In general, we strive to recycle and to make improvements where possible that are both energy efficient and affordable.

We believe that Green Building is a team effort of global concern. Recycling and reusing existing building materials is a priority. As a leader in the industry, O’Neal Construction endeavors to create and implement sustainable and healthy practices that future generations will applaud. Sustainability is a source of pride for the Owner, the Design Team, and our Community.

Washtenaw Community College, Occupational Education – LEED Silver

NSF International, Laboratory Expansion – LEED Silver

For more information about LEED Certification, please visit: www.usgbc.org/leed